A collaboration with Fringe Arts Philadelphia.  After some research into projection mapping techniques, we decided to try and push traditional projection mapping techniques into the game engine world.  We developed a proprietary system for integrating a game engine world into a real world projection mapping project, by aligning the projector and virtual cameras.  I was responsible for creating real world play elements for the side of the Ben Franklin Bridge, next to Fringe Arts' building.  The installation required two Christie Boxer 4k projectors on a scissor lift and a large amount of innovation from everyone involved. 

Above are some assets and rigs created for the project.  The dragon rigs were designed to look realistic in 4k and under real time dynamic lighting scenarios. They would 'dance' along the surface of the bridge and interact with the walls dynamically.  It was important to reconstruct the bridge wall for the game engine and have it be meticulously to scale in order for the installation to work seamlessly.  

This project was a an excellent example of merging game art and technological innovation.